Beach stripes

Beach stripesThe stones, shells and gravel of Whitstable beach in Kent reveal their sun-strewn roughness through hazy pastel stripes of colour in this abstract shot.

Benches have a definite lure when it comes to creating photographs, and this pretty beach front seating place was no exception. They provide natural frames and peepholes to what lies beyond.

My favourite bench in Richmond, back here in London, was used to create Shades of Green. Don’t just sit on benches – go behind them and use your camera.

There will be more from England’s south-east coast in the coming days.

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4 thoughts on “Beach stripes

  1. Woo, there you go! A great piece of art does not need a grand and out-of-reach kinda settings…Excellent observation and thank you for being our witness!! :-) Just love your shots and your wits, too!!xxx


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