Zone 9 express

Zone 9 expressThis empty carriage is making its way to the farthest reaches of the London Underground. It will wind up in the county of Buckinghamshire at a town called Chesham on the edge of the Chiltern Hills.

City dwellers are used to Zones 1-6 of the Tube network. But this reaches so far away that the end of the line is in Zone 9.

This modern train on the Metropolitan line is wider and more spacious than its grubbier, aged counterparts, with a single walk-through carriage. It is bathed in bright yellow fixtures and has a pleasing depth for photographs. The length of journey and the lack of passengers allowed me freedom to shoot on the Tube for the first time.

The ‘express’, for the record, took an hour to trundle from urban centre to some way beyond London’s boundaries.

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14 thoughts on “Zone 9 express

  1. A really vibrant and strong series of images Mike with you style stamped all over them. The eye for the detail is amazing , you take the ordinary things we see in our daily lives to a new level. An artist’s eye. Hope you have a great week. Regards, James


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