Three bridges

This is the story of a long walk along London’s Chelsea Embankment by the River Thames.

It’s a winter’s evening and dusk begins to fall early, while the weather is comfortably mild. Perfect conditions to watch darkness rapidly fall and see three bridges take on their night-time guise.

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Chelsea Bridge at dusk. It subtly twinkles but doesn’t want to impress too much. A charred stump of Battersea Power Station looms large on the right.

Albert BridgeFurther along the embankment, and the dark has taken hold. This is when Albert Bridge shines majestically, truly showing off against the sky. In the background, the full might of Battersea Power Station can be seen.

Battersea BridgeAnd to Battersea Bridge, which is barely illuminated. A long exposure is needed to tease out the gold of its graceful arches. The pagoda-like tower of exclusive Chelsea Harbour looks like it sits on the third bridge.

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