Two streets

17Two London streets, two different times of day.

The first shot shows a stretch of the Chelsea Embankment, as dusk is falling. Chelsea Bridge winks in the background. A jogger comes towards me, a van zips past in the other direction.

The second photograph was taken earlier. Hanover Street, very upmarket and next to Regent’s Park, shows little action apart from the bokeh of some car lights. It’s introspective, tracing the curve of the railings and the street sign.

Both these moments happen millions of times across this city at every moment of the day. This is street photography, but barely acknowledges the dense humanity of the metropolis.

Hanover Terrace

North London vista (2)

6 thoughts on “Two streets

  1. Beautiful, beautiful images. I especially enjoy the Hanover Street picture. The fall colors in the background tell a wonderful story.


  2. Great images, that work really well together. It’s interesting that ‘street photography’ seems to mean ‘street portraiture’. While that is true in so many ways, there is so much more to a street than its people. The elements of the everyday that you’ve picked out tell us a lot about the roads they were taken on. :)


    • Thank you as always, Richard. I didn’t exploit the link between the photos until very late in the day, but quite liked the idea. You’re right, this is sort the antithesis of street photography – the story of the street can get cluttered by the people that take it over…


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