Pier to pier

Bird in the skyThis is the story of two resorts on the Dorset coast in the south of England. Bournemouth and Boscombe are neighbours. They both have piers that jut out into the sea.

You can easily walk between the two piers – in both directions – or even take a shuttle that looks like a miniature train if your legs can’t take the strain.

Along the route there is the beach, the sea and steep cliff paths. At the top you can see the Isle of Wight. Even on a winter’s day, the walk is invigorating and an enlivening escape from London.

This is a place to take photographs, from the architecture of the piers to the coastal scenery. Take the walk if you ever get the chance – and don’t forget your camera.

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North London vista (2)

8 thoughts on “Pier to pier

  1. It was a beautiful winters day. I love the sunset and the skies over the sea. And of course the architecture and the details of the sculptures (?) you’ve photographed.


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