Favourite shots of 2013: Part I

The first full year of taking photographs and sharing them with you has almost passed. 2013 has been eventful and I’ve been to numerous places around London and beyond, seeking inspiration.

It’s been tough to choose 10 shots that have really stayed with me, proved a lasting joy and pleasure – and evoke memories of the past 12 months. Click to enlarge the photographs or view them as a gallery here or at the foot of the post.


White CityThis hazy, sepia-tinged image of the rooftops of west London’s White City estate sums up the severe winter weather we experienced at the beginning of 2013. I took it from the top of BBC Television Centre, a workplace I would leave for good in March as a broadcast era came to a close.


Dessicated beautyThis shot of a flower at the end of its life pleased me with the amount of detail and fresh, dappled bokeh. After moving house in May, I came to Ravenscourt Park’s walled garden for two seasonal sessions. Such a small space but so much beautiful natural material for the camera.


Hammersmith & City goldThis night image of a London Tube train hurtling past the back of my old house reminds me of a warm Spring evening with the window wide open and a tripod set up. This gold abstract has become the emblem of my online presence and sparked off an interest in creating digital art through photography in 2013.


Towards the mountainI love the drama of this photograph, with the rugged mountain in the shadow of the sun and the lone figure moving over the sand. My only trip overseas in 2013 was to the holiday island of Fuerteventura, which was a revelation with its bristling light, fantastic sunsets and vibrant colours.


Beach hut infinityA trip to the lovely seaside resort of Whitstable in Kent yielded this slice of endless colour, which I noticed but could easily have missed. It might be less vibrant than the beach huts in Bournemouth, but is a reminder of a memorable day trip to the ever-giving British coast.

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16 thoughts on “Favourite shots of 2013: Part I

  1. A great collection, the first five photos, I can’t wait to see the other five ones. Have a nice New Year’s Eve and a great 2014 for you and your partner!


    • Hi Koos, thanks as always. The next five will be tomorrow for people nursing hangovers :-) There’ll also be a chance to vote on your favourite. Happy New Year to you and your nice bearded man and I look forward to further friendship in 2014.


    • Thank you, Robyn, I really appreciate that. Let’s hope we all have a creative 12 months to look forward to. I’ll bring out the other five favourites tomorrow (1 January) and throw it open to the vote.


  2. I like your review in pictures, Mike. I’m particulary fond of “white city” – it amazes me how different the view over rooftops can be depending on in which country you are. I recently clicked a few Paris rooftops, and same as a typical British rooftop view, they have something special for me. Over here you wouldn’t find anything like it, the views are rather boring in comparison.


    • Thank you Kiki, it was good to remind myself of the year in photography. The other five will be revealed soon. I’m sure Paris rooftops are beautiful and have their own special sense. My rooftops are of a west London council estate which were entirely transformed by the winter weather!


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