Favourite shots of 2013: Part II

An entire year of photography has passed and I’ve been looking back at 2013 through the lens.

It’s been tough to choose 10 shots that have really stayed with me, proved a lasting joy and pleasure – and evoke memories of the past 12 months.

Click to enlarge the individual photos and view all 10 as a gallery here or at the foot of the post – then it’s time to vote for your favourite.

Here’s the second set of five and why they were chosen.


Hammersmith by nightLow light photography never ceases to lose its appeal, especially in a big city like London. Hammersmith Bridge is my local Thames crossing, and is more elegant than some of its rivals. This shot hangs on our wall as a symbol of our locality and home city.


Sitting at the windowPeople seldom take centre stage in my photographs. But this couple, sitting on the floor of the viewing platform of The Shard and gazing out over London, had to be captured. London’s highest building unexpectedly turned out to be a place for candids.


Brick boutiqueAn interest in detail took an obsessive turn in 2013 with my collection of many local types of brickwork and bringing some of them together in one frame. It reminds me of moving to a new area and getting a feel for its physical presence, including the bricks of our own house which feature in this work.


Sky lightA December trip to Bournemouth on England’s south coast yielded this moment of “sky porn”, with the sun searing through winter cloud cover on a deceptively gentle – and memorable – day away from London. The expanse of sea represents a sense of escape from city life.


Gauzed lightMy top 10 could easily be composed entirely of architectural photographs. This shot perhaps sums up how I strive for symmetry and harmony when photographing buildings, and some unusual perspectives. But it masks the golden majesty of London’s New West End synagogue, probably my favourite visit of 2013.

Click first image to launch the Top 10 gallery

24 thoughts on “Favourite shots of 2013: Part II

  1. You never disappoint Mike and always inspire! Really very difficult to decide which I like best. Keep up the amazing work! I look forward to seeing your images throughout 2014 and beyond! Happy New Year! Robyn


  2. It’s tough to pick one of these ten photos… There are some great pics: sitting by the window is a good capture, Hammersmith by night is beautiful and I like the colours of the beach huts. Well, I’ve voted for…
    Have a great 2014!


  3. Ooh… A toughie, Mike! Another set of lovely shots – Beach Hut Infinity was my favourite from the first set, but I really love Sitting At The Window too! I have to say, though, I really loved your TVC stairwell shots from earlier in the year… Thought they might have made the cut too! :)


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