Faith buildings

They come all in manner of shapes and sizes, for an array of worshipful purposes.

Even if you don’t hold a particular faith (I fall into that category), it’s hard not to find these buildings impressive and moving on some level.

They are invariably engaging to capture in photographs, occasionally challenging in the dim of candlelight. In some cases, you are not permitted to use your camera.

This tiny fraction of faith buildings I’ve had the pleasure of visiting encompasses six religions. Each place is arresting in its own way, while they all have a shared mystique.

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22 thoughts on “Faith buildings

  1. Beautiful as always! Thank You! I agree each one has a history of its own, with a multitude of facets that depict the human mind…Have you tried The Sikh Temple yet?
    Here’s wishing you a Creative 2014 with new inspiration and gusto for new adventures !!!


    • Thank you very much, Brinda. Ah, I haven’t made it there yet. Sounds like I should add it to my list (which is more than a lifetime long!) The very best wishes for a new year of inspiration to you too.


      • TY for the inspiration, much needed!! Yes, one of the things I love doing, even if time is ‘deficient’… so, to speak! :-) I just think that the fact that all these religions that have built their faith’s architectural symbols outside their countries of origin, have even more meaning, hence the energy in these buildings demand respect and contemplation… and you give that dimension to your work, whether you personally, believe or not in Almighty’s presence… How grand is that, don’t you think?
        Besides, the Sikh Gurdhwaras, there are some other of the most beautiful Indian Temples in London, itself… here’s a list to have an idea of what I mean… enjoy the different festivals by all means & please share with us, will you?


        • Brinda, that’s such a good point about the “non-native” creeds and their buildings here. Certainly does add an extra dimension to it. Thank you for the Indian temples tip – it’s on my list to make some photographic visits and hopefully be able to share their synthesis :-)


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