Walking distance

I’m lucky to live in a part of west London where it’s very easy to reach the banks of the River Thames. It’s our answer to the seaside and is a place to walk, relax, contemplate – and take photographs.

On a rare sunny day recently, I went from my house to the riverside at Hammersmith, walking a circuit that took in Barnes and Chiswick Bridge. This is an album of what caught my eye on the walk.

To follow the journey with me, click the first image

North London vista (2)

8 thoughts on “Walking distance

  1. I do so enjoy looking at your work Mike , always a joy and inspiring to look at what is close at hand in our immediate environment in a totally different way. Hope the New year has got off to a great start for you. Regards , james


    • Good to hear from you, James, and many thanks as always, I appreciate your support so very much. Can’t complain about the year so far – I’m hoping it’s going to be a busy one with the camera. I trust you have a lot under your lens cap too!


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