Small objects

I didn’t venture very far to put my new Fuji XF60mm macro lens to the test for the first time.

The living room shelves are scattered with small objects and precious trinkets, perfect for close-up captures.

This lens turns my Fuji X-E1 into a different creature, while the needs of macro photography are entirely different. Your eyes aren’t looking outwards for the bigger picture any more.

The new lens works on aperture priority, a big shift from my usual shutter speed preference which lets the camera choose the best lens opening. An old school aperture ring on the lens needs to be engaged. It’s best to stay wide open in less bright indoor conditions – macro work seems to devour the light.

Automatic focus is quite slow, so I shifted to manual mode and used a one-touch button to control the focus and exposure, which was much smoother.

This shift of emphasis to the little world throws up other issues – it shows up just how unsteady you are (especially if you have a natural tremor like I do). The answer may be a tripod or remote release mechanism.

And my shelf-bound objects revealed every fleck of dust and fluff through the macro lens – my advice is to have a good dust and polish before you take their photograph.

These first results are pleasing. Focus is sharp and very specific on certain shots and there is a lot of milky bokeh. I wanted to capture texture abstracts on this small scale and have achieved that already. It’s a small world after all…

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72nd floor abstract - clean (2)

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