Gallery life

Window diners

This is a window into the cafe of one of London’s most famous art galleries.

A hungry visitor brandishes a tray and is eyeing up the self-service food. A cafe worker stands with a tray in the background, while a suited supervisor looks on.

There is always plenty of human activity at Tate Britain, the older sibling of imposing tourist mecca Tate Modern.

Velvet sheen - clean (2)

While some visitors think about food, upstairs in the newly refurbished foyer, three schoolgirls take in the view and are captured through the doors to a gallery.

There will be a more extensive look at this building’s fabric in later posts…

Tate trio

8 thoughts on “Gallery life

  1. Superb Mike and rashly loving the first image. It has always surprised me how often Tate Britain is forgotten by so many as a gallery to visit. It is both absorbing, calming and on occasions controversial . Looking forward to the next post.


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