Accidental shootings

These are three shots that were not meant to be. 

I was taking photographs with my new macro lens on a sunny afternoon in the park. My camera was anything but ready to take a picture in a spot where there was plenty of dappled light, but the shutter was released in a moment of clumsiness.

A multi-coloured, out of focus swirl was the result. But I didn’t delete. I liked the unintended effect and repeated with a slightly different exposure. And again.

Being a fan of experimenting with digital art, I edited the second shot in monochrome and inverted the colours of the third. Maybe it’s criminal to discard shots, however accidental. Do you agree?…

Click each image to reveal more detail

Accidental abstract One

Accidental abstract two - clean

Accidental abstract Three

Visit Photo Shop - white brick (2)

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