A gurdwara is a Sikh place of worship, and the largest temple in Europe is in the west London suburb of Southall.

I visited as part of my faith buildings project, which has taken me from mosque to synagogue via Catholic cathedrals and Anglican village churches.

This was another experience, not just an exercise in taking photographs. I had to remove my shoes before entering, and cover my hair with an orange bandana – both men and women must wear head coverings.

The main prayer hall in this temple, which opened in 2003, is expansive. The ‘altar’ houses the Sikh holy book and is attended at all times as the faithful come and pay their respects and leave contributions.

I was left to take pictures without any objection, and then invited to eat at the canteen downstairs, where vegetarian food is served free of charge.

Here, I felt happy about including worshippers in photographs. They felt like the life and soul of this temple, a lavish example of architecture seemingly built for them.

North London vista (2)

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15 thoughts on “Gurdwara

    • Wow, that’s great, Peter. I hope to have captured some of the essence of the building and the people. It was quite an experience and was glad to see it for myself. I found it relaxed and friendly.


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