After the deluge

The winter in London has been nothing but wet. It’s been unrelenting downpours and stormy gusts to render umbrellas practically useless.

I visited my local park recently, camera in hand and with a specific goal in mind. But the heavens opened and I returned home to protect my gear from the wet. 

I went back to be greeted with another downpour, but this time I was prepared. The shower passed and I witnessed the magic of surfaces and plants dappled with droplets. 

The rain isn’t all doom and gloom. It produces a lot of beauty and inspiration for the lens.

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And here’s a happy post-script to an afternoon drenched in a west London park. A resurgent sun produced this effect, which can only warm the soul.

Rainbow over Ravenscourt

27 thoughts on “After the deluge

  1. Nice work Mike! Once my crazy work calms down I too shall dust off my wee neglected camera. I suspect I don’t have to worry about the rainy season finishing soon! :) nice colours in the first pic btw, great stuff!


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