Yellow candy burst

This is a welcome barrage of colour in a long, dank and sodden winter.

I came across this robust clump of yellow mimosa in a street near my home, where a terrace of houses is painted in an array of pastel shades.

It’s a vibrant, fascinating plant which chooses to bloom in the winter months. Its pale yellow, berry-like buds explode into puffs of flower, while the foliage is made up of neat, pale green fronds.

Yellow mimosa is positively revered in parts of southern France, prompting festivals and even a trail to be named in its honour. Ironically, as I took these photographs, a French lady passed by to tell me all about it.

What a tonic to see this light up the neighbourhood, almost banishing the cold away.


Click first image for full gallery experience

11 thoughts on “Mimosa

  1. Beautiful images and love the sepia feathered fronds. It seems strange to me to hear a wattle called Mimosa, if we refer to wattles by any other name than ‘wattle’ it would be by their species ‘Acacia’. I’m no expert, I had to check in my Wildflowers of Australia book but it peeked my interest. :) We have over 500 kinds of wattle in Australia, again the book. Have heard that there is always a wattle in flower at any time of the year, a hardy species for our climate.


    • Thank you Lee. I’m not surprised to hear it’s an entirely different thing down there on the southern “island” :-) I think there are a number of different varieties of mimosa too, but it’s the yellow one that has passed into legend thanks to the French.


  2. You’ve captured the delicacy of leaf and globular blooms so well – if only the sensational Mimosa aroma could have been locked up in these images.


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