Rusted lake

This landscape is barren yet rich in colour, flecked with beautiful orange and green hues. The water seems lifeless yet deep and inviting with an inky glow. It appears almost otherworldly.

Rusted lakeBut this is no fantastic lake in a forgotten corner of the world. It’s a small rockpool on the Tasmanian coast at a place called Bicheno. The seaside terrain is famous for its red colour, created by a vivid ochre type of lichen. The effect is compelling and beautiful for the eye and camera.

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15 thoughts on “Rusted lake

  1. I love these pictures, perhaps the more so because I am a bit obssessed with these colors just now. I’m in Fuerteventura, where the earth is this color, and it is simply amazing! There is a kind of glow about it, and as the sun goes down it is almost other-worldly. Gorgeous photos, Mike!


    • Thank you Linda! Oh yes, good old Fuerte with its amazing dunes. As I said to Diana, I wish I’d been by the rocks for sundown – I’m sure the light would have really picked out the russet hues.


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