N loves RAfter a recent visit to London’s Tate Modern art gallery, I took the walk across the Millennium Bridge towards St Paul’s Cathedral.

It wasn’t the views across the Thames or swarms of tourists that caught my eye, but a number of little metal objects dangling from the cables of the bridge.

Padlocks. Locked up and left to their fate, many of them carrying messages of love and probably youthful union. Lovelocks.

I haven’t seen them in London before, although in other places around the world they’re commonplace. The Pont des Arts in Paris is groaning under the weight of thousands of locks, prompting a campaign to ban the practice.

There are just a handful on this bridge, little tokens of unbreakable relationships which are probably forgotten soon after they’ve been fixed to the spot.

Vandalism or litter they might be, but small human moments that are a pleasure to capture.

North London vista (2)

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12 thoughts on “Lovelocks

  1. Very interesting. I thought the idea of ‘love locks’ was kinda cute when I saw your photos. But after clicking on the “Groaning Under the Weight” link and reading the article (and more so, SEEING the before and after photos in Paris) I absolutely view it as litter. Though sentimental value it may in fact hold, I hate that it has tainted the beautiful view from the Pont des Arts! Just my opinion. ;) Thanks for sharing!


  2. I’m not sure if I’m surprised or not at how few of these ‘sites’ there are in the UK – I’m sure it says something about us :) It’s a touching thing to see but it does appear to be a bit too much on the Pont des Arts! I wonder also how the extra weight (a few more padlocks required!) might affect the bridge handling – will we get back to the swinging bridge?!


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