Tassie old and new

There were beautiful beaches and stunning blue skies, but Tasmania fuelled my great love for architecture and capturing it in photographs.

Now many people claim that Australia is a new nation and has little history to speak of. Judging by the buildings around the island, there is a decent timeline which can be easily detected today.

Second city Launceston noticeably oozes with facades from the colonial era, which have been preserved and often sit happily over modern shops and offices.

But hurtle to the present day and there are plenty of stark, impressive and contemporary lines gracing Aussie’s smallest state alongside its past. Here are just a few I collected on my travels…

North London vista (2)

 Click first image for the full gallery experience

9 thoughts on “Tassie old and new

  1. I’ll have to get me down to Tassie again soon. These images are wonderful. Love the clean sharp lines of your modern architectural shots but the old house with blue sky is a great shot.


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