This is a moment to sit back and enjoy the photography. This is the 300th post on mikeosbornphoto, and marks two years of taking images and sharing them on this platform.

These composites are two random slices from my media library, which has slowly grown since April 2012. It’s a snapshot of people and places I’ve captured, from strangers to my most devoted supporter, Dermot (he’s on the bottom right of the first image, looking out from London’s Shard).

This is my chance to say thank you to fellow photographers and bloggers who support every post, to those who might just visit once. They’re all much valued.

The thing is, what next? A steady, satisfying momentum has established itself and I know what I really like doing. But it wouldn’t do to just stop there – plenty of challenges lie ahead.

Those bloggers help with this, including amazing self-portraitist Malin Helleso, who suggests I should try turning the camera on myself. And young, talented Portuguese photographer Diogo Pereira, who is teaching me how to take HDR photographs. A very first collaboration – with my closest photo blogging comrade Richard Cooper-Knight – is also being planned.

This is a good chance to share and enjoy more ideas, celebrate what we like best, and make it bigger and better…300selection2

32 thoughts on “300

  1. Did not ‘discover’ your blog from post 1 so have taken this anniversay to review some posts I obviously missed. Particularly love your candid shots – you’ve somehow made the surreptitious into studio quality – amazing. Always love seeing what your lens has caught – wishing you many more captures and thank you


    • Hi Laura, thank you so much for taking a retrospective trawl through the archives. I really appreciate that and your comments – really encouraging. Perhaps I should devote some more time to candid shots. They’re quite a challenge and you always fear that you’ll be found out and the moment will be lost. Thanks for your support and here’s to another two years and hopefully more.


  2. Well done Mike, we must have started at about the same time….it will be 2 years in May for me and I think I’m at about 350 posts…..so very similar on that score too 😊


    • Hi Mark, thank you! Wow, yes, we certainly seem to be running at a similar pace. Do you ever think about trying new things and taking a different approach, just to see what might happen?


          • Yes….I do think I should perhaps be doing more with my photography, but when you work full time and with other life commitments it’s not that easy. I am exploring trying to sell some images locally though….but it all takes time 😊. What about you?


            • Yes, it would be easy to devote a lot of time to this, but needs must. I’ve been trying to develop my shop on Redbubble, but that requires additional time. I was thinking of trying some new techniques like shooting HDR photos. What you can never get enough of is seeing new places, which is the best source of inspiration there is.


              • I’ve toyed with things like Smugmug and Redbubble etc…..but they seem to take so much time to maintain. Also I like to do my own printing and fulfill my own orders. I have a sales page on my WP site……and have sold one image through that. I dabble with HDR every now and then, but to get really great results does depend on the quality of the original images and how rock solid the tripod was at the time. 😊


                • Redbubble has made a few sales, but it’s hard to do without a full-on marketing plan. I’m glad to have a platform and unlike you don’t enjoy making up prints. I’m going to plant my tripod firmly and have a try!


        • It’s hard to find the time to visit as many as I like, but there are some – including yours – who I’ll always make a point of visiting, and then posts/photos that stand out on the reader. Not to mention seeking out new sites :)


  3. Congrats on the 300th.! I have only been following you for about 6 months and am enjoying your moments in time very much. Love the two collection you posted today.


    • Thank you very much, Lee. I really appreciate your regular support and comments. It’s always good to step back and have a think. Any ideas or further trips to Aus would be very welcome!


      • There is so much in Oz that is different to England. To me Tassie is a little like England. On the mainland – close to Sydney are the Blue Mountains with high cliffs, deep valleys, waterfalls and quaint towns; and Sydney itself is a fascinating cosmopolitan city – near Adelaide are the Flinders Ranges on the edge of the outback, red earth, purple ranges with Lake Eyre sort of close by. I could rave on lots more :)


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