Dark sunshine

Little concrete windows The Australian state of Queensland is best known for bright colours, balmy weather, natural beauty – and the sunshine of its sub-title.

But I came home with some shots that defy this notion. We arrived in Brisbane during a relentlessly wet spell, while some of the city’s architectural features looked moody and overpowering, like the edifice of the University of Queensland’s main building in the photograph above.

The Eleanor Schonell Bridge, which provides a link to the St Lucia campus across the Brisbane River, looked imposing against a stormy sky. The Botanic Gardens’ hothouse was admittedly bathed in light, but has a space age quality in black and white.

The morning after a night in one of the city centre’s clusters of tower blocks was sodden, and the view to a neighbouring skyscraper proved bleak and daunting.

There are two sides to every story, even in the sub-tropics…

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