St Paul’s selfies

Tate selfie

When I see a mirror, my instinct isn’t usually to point my camera at it. But this was an exception. I was on the upper viewing platform of London’s Tate Modern gallery, with the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral gloriously in shot.

These similar photographs turned out very differently. Above, I’m (unfortunately) in full view, while the couple perched behind point at the view, which has been dazzled out of existence.

Just seconds later and a drastic dialling down of exposure, the three of us have become silhouettes, and St Paul’s, a slither of the Millennium Bridge and other buildings are visible.

These are not strictly speaking selfies. But which version do you favour? High key or silhouetted?

St Paul's selfie

North London vista (2)

41 thoughts on “St Paul’s selfies

      • I think the second one is good too, just there is something very “Tate” about the first one and something very “London” the way all three figures are captured in the photo. Probably because the photo lets you attach your own story to it with the space behind. And for me it’s those two things…
        Love your photos, especially as many of them are of places I go to often and it’s like looking at them through a second pair of eyes. :)


        • It’s always great if stories can be told through photography. And thank you so much – I’m glad to bring hopefully a different slant on familiar places. There are so many in London I’ve yet to visit!


  1. High key looks very good to me; really interesting to look at and overall great shot that really stands out. (one reason is that the timing in respect of the couple in the shot is perfect in the high key version as opposed to the second picture) Great post! Interesting and good to see such a difference in opinions too.


  2. The second is a capture of the place, and is very nice. But the first tells the story of people: your steadfast attention to the camera contrasted with the couple’s animated viewing of something we can’t even see. I think no. 2 is excellent. Well done Mike.


    • Ed, thank you very much, that’s a very astute assessment. The story of people is probably more interesting to me than the sight of a London landmark which I know all to well – although my intention was to capture the fine view in a slightly different way.


  3. I prefer the high key shot. It’s a unique type of selfie where you’re not really the focus but the couple seem to grab attention from their reaction by the unknown white shade. I love it.


  4. The second one is the one you’ve intended to take. It’s a great photo. I love the silhouettes and it’s nice to see a part of the city. But…, of course I love the first one! It’s so nice to see you on a photo. Handsome man!


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