Little Australia

This island state sitting at the foot of vast Australia has a charm and mood all of its own – at times familiar to this Briton who took a road trip there recently. We took in main cities Hobart and Launceston, the stunning east coast and the changing character of its north side and interior.

If you’re tempted to go to Tasmania armed with your camera, here are a few reasons to go south…

  • Its coastal landscape is second to none, including gold and orange rocks
  • If you’re lucky with the weather, the sky is an amazing azure, thanks to a lack of European pollution
  • The towns and cities have a beguiling mix of colonial and contemporary architecture – and unique charm
  • Its clarity is great for night photography – and a chance to catch the Southern Lights

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Velvet sheen - clean (2)

27 thoughts on “Little Australia

  1. Great images of Tassie, but Shhhhh Mike, we Aussies try to keep out little British island a secret. It is a special place and your images have captured some of its beauty.


      • I’ll track you down!
        How do you think grey skies/rain would change the building shots? I only ask because when I lived in Manchester and Preston all the old buildings seemed to come alive in the rain, they sort of popped against the darkness – it’d be good to see that garage doing the same :D


  2. Beautiful shots, must have been a fantastic vacation… I like all your shots, but I just realised I’m always drawn to the ones with only the upper parts of buildings. I really must try something like that. If I can find interesting buildings round here :-)


  3. Really great photos, Mike! I love the one with the contours of ships. It’s a strong image. And the house with the blue tones against a blue sky is another favorite.


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