Dark tulips

Black floral sheenA beautiful flower bed peppered with velvety tulips in a cultivated corner of London. 

In monochrome, these blooms look silky and black as ink – in a richly coloured high key shot, they are a rich maroon as they rest on a dazzling carpet of yellow blossom. The colour sizzles while the black and white broods – which do you favour?

This was one moment in a photographic walk taken with fellow camera fancier and blogger, Richard Cooper-Knight. You can see our first joint post here very soon…

Tulips on gold


20 thoughts on “Dark tulips

  1. Definitely favour the black ones. They have a strange pull somehow, and in the back of my mind thoughts of cemeteries or horror movies are lurking…


  2. So pleased you put both as both are so different. Think I’ll go for the monochrome and brooding, nothing wrong with the sizzling colour just for this shot my preference is for B&W.


  3. Seeing the colour helps me understand what the black and white does – they are incomparable. The silkiness is in the depth of field. As a novice I’m puzzled why this works so well – the focal point is dead centre front. PS looking forward to your collaboration with RCK.


    • Laura, thank you for your very precise observations. The bloom in the foreground is the star of the show really – the others are just bit part players. Glad you are looking forward to our joint post – it’s coming tomorrow.


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