Urban wisteria

A brief joy of the late Spring is when these regal mauve and white flowers put on a stunning display. You expect to see them in English country towns, clinging to honey-coloured stone and around the doorways of grand homes.

But wisteria also makes its way into the city and less fanciful locations. I spotted a terraced house in Shepherd’s Bush here in west London, bursting with flowers. This is an area with its fair share of urban grit, so this was a sobering sight.

The house was being renovated, so I slid up the pathway to catch these shots. One of them is drained of its yellow and purple hues – it just has to be done, really…

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4 thoughts on “Urban wisteria

  1. Some lovely shots, Mike. My problem is that any photos I take of flowers are just that, photos of flowers. You’ve created some very arty shots here, and they work really well! :)


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