Soaring intimidation

Dark intimidation

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This is a daunting sight on the west London skyline. It’s called Trellick Tower, a Brutalist tower block. If you’re standing close to this concrete beast, it soars above you and leaves you feeling dwarfed and a little intimidated.

But the curtained windows and bristling satellite dishes show that it’s home to a lot of people. Even an edifice like this has a soul.

Trellick was a slight detour on the canalside walk I took with fellow photographer Richard Cooper-Knight. I also went to visit its east London sibling – Balfron Tower – some months ago and visited one of the apartments inside with its impressive views.

Impressive is the word for architecture like this…

North London vista (2)

13 thoughts on “Soaring intimidation

  1. Brutalistic (brutalism) in architecture for sure, the first image of the Trellick Tower runs the whole gamut of impressions from threatening, intimidating, overlording, brutal and wait for it; majestic :) I also like the satellite dishes makes the place look even more alien. Cities do make for interesting images of a different kind.


    • Thank you very much, Lee. Indeed, I guess there’s not too much of this in your part of the world. I see it in the distant on the way to work and have been meaning to get up close and personal for a long time.


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