Hope and decay

A final selection from what was a very fruitful and enjoyable photographic trip to Osterley Park in west London.

These shots seem to sum up two extremes. There is the early summer joy of woodland growth and meadowland flowers. But the grounds also revealed weariness and decay, including the defiant but jagged remains of trees and their gnarled bark.

The one human capture encapsulates both these aspects – a mature couple rest at the stump of a tree, while there is a sense that they are looking forward to the rest of their walk with energy and vigour.

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6 thoughts on “Hope and decay

  1. Lovely series and these more detailed shots particularly the monochromatic ones are great. Love ‘Hedgerow Haze’ but the landscape with ‘mature couple’ adds a calmness to the scene. As I approach ‘mature age’ myself, you realise that ‘old person’ is not how you think of yourself. Mature is so much kinder, thank you.


      • Thanks very much! Ah, there is nothing more frustrating! Hopefully next time you’ve got your camera as it’s definitely one of the nicer urban parts of the Clyde.


        • Yes, there’s plenty of modern architecture there which is one of my favourite subjects – including BBC Scotland where I’ve hung out a few times recently. Poor weather can be an issue, though – my camera is rain-phobic!


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