Acres of glass

Hammersmith, my corner of west London, has more than its fair share of modern office blocks, filling the spaces damaged during the war – sometimes with a lot of over-zealous urban planning.

But this was more of a photographic exercise. In stable summer daytime conditions, I took my tripod and shot three different exposures for each picture to eliminate any handshake. I merged them together to create some richer, denser images with greater tone than usual.

They didn’t come out with that very saturated feel of HDR, but seem to have more impact, partly thanks to the summer skies and bright light I was blessed with.

This set also contains two photographs of Hammersmith’s main church, St Paul’s, to show it’s not all acres of contemporary glass facades in this part of town.

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34 thoughts on “Acres of glass

  1. A rich selection of images. Like the depth and richness in them but not sure if it’s a benefit of the 3 merged without seeing just one to compare. The Quatro building is intriguing, I had at first thought you had somehow combined different shots from different angles, but this is as is, wow! And damn you, you had me counting pigeons on the church :)


    • Thanks so much, Lee. Well there was some variation with the single exposures, but I still made some tweaks in the edit to bring out that solid feel. That’s one corner of ‘Quatro’, I hadn’t seen it from that perspective before! Just glad there is the respite of the church in the midst of all that glass…


  2. Some nice images there, Mike! Nothing like a decent tower block to get the architectural juices flowing! I’m about to start properly sorting the photos from day out by the canal, so you may even get to see my take on the Trellick Tower soon! :)


  3. I love the contrast between old and new and how you’ve used the elements of sun and sky in the photos. Nice work Mr. Osborn!


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