A virtual exhibition

I’ve created the mother of all galleries.

It displays 50 photographs which I think clearly represent what I do. It’s a good place for visitors to enjoy a virtual exhibition my work and make their own minds up with no text, just pictures.

I’ve seen many other photography bloggers do this, and I’ll often visit their “mega gallery” to absorb a snapshot of their world view.

The gallery will be regularly updated and amended – and might even grow. It has a permanent place in my top navigation bar so it can be easily found. It also carries a link to all the galleries in posts throughout the site.

I hope some of you will consider doing this as well, that’s if you’re not already! Here’s a little slither of the first edition of the gallery…

The Gallery

16 thoughts on “A virtual exhibition

  1. Great idea and beautiful collection, Mike!
    Thinking about folowing your idea, nice way to (hopefully) show viewers more than your last photos ;)
    Have a great week, Ron.


    • Thank you very much, Ron, glad you like it. And I’d definitely think about making one and displaying it prominently. You’re right, it breaks the blog post cycle and there’s no need for any words with it, just visuals. I look forward to seeing your collection!


  2. Great idea and all great images. I like that you can change it anytime and guess the hardest part was choosing which images to put up first.


    • Thanks Lee, very much a concept I’ve borrowed from other photo bloggers. It’s good to have a nice healthy landing stage. I hope you enjoyed clicking through – it shouldn’t take too long if you’re short on time. Yes, the curation was a bit tricky – I basically concentrated on work from the past year, and discarded photos taken before I invested in my Fuji.


      • It was easy to click through and lots of variety to keep me interested. I actually found it didn’t take long at all and thought I’d missed some. I thought you would have to have some sort of limitation on quantity to go through otherwise it would become unwieldy. Even so you can take a lot of shots in a year :)


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