Underwater thoroughfare

London is a city of bridges, connecting its two sides which are dissected by the River Thames.

But this is an exception to the rule. Some Edwardian engineers saw fit to construct a tunnel beneath the river. To this day, it carries pedestrians from Greenwich in the south to the Isle of Dogs on the north bank and is open 24/7. You can take the original staircase or a lift to reach the tunnel.

The brightly lit, white tiled tube is a photographer’s dream for capturing perspective, distance, shape and lines. It’s just busy enough to capture both figures and eerie emptiness. The only hazard is cyclists using it as a race track, despite signs prohibiting this.

Well worth the long trip from west London, where there is no underwater thoroughfare.

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15 thoughts on “Underwater thoroughfare

  1. I used to cycle through the Woolwich foot tunnel everyday on my way to work from Islington to Woolwich so I’m guilty of cycling through but at 7am there were very few people on foot. In the afternoon I always walked my bike. It was a source of intense irritation the number that didn’t respect the pedestrian nature of the tunnel. I love these tunnels and they make a great subject for photographs as you’ve demonstrated here Mike. Superb!


  2. It’s somehow desolate. At least it’s a feeling I get when I see the photos. A perfect scenery for a new episode of Sherlock…


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