Daisy dozen

Daisy dozen

A visit to my mother’s garden in Essex culminated in this. It was just one shot of an almost flawless daisy that set my mind in motion, reproducing it in numerous forms and piecing them together as if sewing a patchwork quilt.

Here are the individual tiles so you can study the colours and contrasts in further detail.

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Gallery entrance

42 thoughts on “Daisy dozen

  1. Very nice. What a lot of fun. The idea of a quilt is such a great one as well. Now you just need to find a textile artist to work these onto fabric somehow.


      • Ha! You and redbubble are many steps ahead of me.

        How do you find redbubble – does it work for you? Is it possible to get some income from it, or is it more of a convenience for people you know to get a print, etc?


        • Well they have plenty of products and it’s a go-to place for people to consider buying your work. But you have to put an awful lot into the promotion and the margins are small – don’t expect to pay the mortgage with it!


          • Thanks – that is what I had guessed. It is like anything on the internet, if you don’t put the time into promotion, then no one is going to be looking. Too bad the margins are so small though.


            • It’s probably worth doing some fairs and local craft sales as well, although you run the risk of investing in physical stock which doesn’t move. I haven’t done it yet but am thinking about it – plus making a portfolio of prints to show. People still like to see the ‘real thing’.

              And many thanks for having a good trawl around today – always much appreciated!


              • I have thought about the craft fair route too. Sorry to have been away from viewing for so long – I have been busy of late. Always nice to have a look at your pictures. Now off to nature with a roll of lomochrome in the Yashica Electro 35GS…


  2. I love this! Not only are the photos marvelous, but I love the inspiration you got from something so simple an everyday event. Having been decidedly uninspired of late, I take heart, and will open my eyes wider :)


    • Hi Linda, thank you very much! The colour scheme is endless and it appeals to my sense of neatness and order (sounds ominous!) I’m sure there is plenty of be of inspiration down in Las Canarias – glad a simple bit of Essex flora might help :)


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