Moody rooftops

Sullen skyline

 These are the first photographs since moving to our new home and bidding farewell to W6.

The move did not take us far, but it’s different. Gone is the conventional ground floor flat – it has been replaced with upper floor living and a space in the rooftops.

Our skies were laced with stormy, rain-bearing clouds which look even more pronounced in monotone. In the scene below, the tower block is part of the old BBC Television Centre where I used to work. The site is now being slowly transformed, which we can see from our new neighbourhood.

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Rooftops of W12

Gallery entrance

6 thoughts on “Moody rooftops

  1. Interesting shots of the London skyline from your new home. Glad the move went OK and you are setting in. Clouds do seem stronger in B&W I’ll have to try it some time.


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