Yellow peril

From the old to the new. Before BBC Television Centre in west London closed for good, I captured its staircases, both well used and more hidden.

The corporation’s main headquarters in the capital is now New Broadcasting House, a hunk of glass and metal carefully spliced into the existing radio building.

I found a new stairwell at the back of the new shell, reaching down eight flights. The designers chose luminous yellow handrails, perhaps for health and safety reasons? Perhaps not, because you can find an open window next to the staircase, an escape route for those who need it…

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14 thoughts on “Yellow peril

  1. Nice gallery of graphics, Mike. It’s a shame so much of the BBC has moved up north – not that I have anything against the North per se – but it felt that the BBC as a nationwide broadcaster should be based in the capital. But that’s just a personal feeling. The new building is impressive and I think it cleverly fills the space behind the church without compromising it.


    • Thank you Andy. Yes, there is plenty of feeling to that effect inside the corporation! It looks good but has its downsides – possibly too many people crammed into the space. The comedy W1A has told us all about the lack of desk space!


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