Gothic delight

Gothic facade

Take a train ride a little deeper into south-west London and you will find Strawberry Hill House. This whitewashed gem of a building was once the domain of Horace Walpole, son of Great Britain’s first prime minister.

This wealthy man lacked for nothing, and set about transforming his home into a Gothic palace, dripping with beautiful stained glass, ornately gilded ceilings – and even a wallpaper designed to resemble carved wood.

The house has undergone a lot of careful restoration in the last few years and is well worth a visit. Enthusiastic volunteers have a wide knowledge of its history. Photography is allowed and very little is off limits. Walpole’s many treasures were sold off many years ago, so the contours and rich details of this mansion are displayed with clarity.

It’s wonderful. Come and take a whirlwind tour here…

This way to the gallery

Click first image for the full gallery experience

24 thoughts on “Gothic delight

  1. Wonderful find and even better that you are allowed to take photos. Great images, love that gilded ceiling but such a shame that the treasures (furnishings?) were sold off.


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