Scarred sundown

Scarred sundown

Scarred sepia sundown

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The first photograph I showed you from our new roof space was an angry, cloud-smudged sky.

There is a shift in mood here, to a calm evening around sunset, the chimney bristling with branches and the proud, upright TV aerial.

What intrigues is the cloud formation, slashing the sky and leaving a blunt but neat wound. It has obvious impact in colour but has strength in the sepia rendition, like a scar from an operation.

I’m beginning to sense that this skyline will often be featured in photographs, catching various seasonal moments…

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4 thoughts on “Scarred sundown

  1. Ooh! Two great interpretations of the image… I really don’t know which one I like best! The colour in the first one really makes it, but the sepia toning brings out the scar of the clouds across the sky… Hmmm…


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