Filthy nature

I walked out one morning in search of grunge. This quest took me to a stretch of London’s Grand Union Canal which is anything but pretty and quaint.

The stretch between Willesden Junction and Kensal Green in the city’s north-west straddles a major railway confluence. It’s heavily industrialised and nature has almost been squeezed out by the excesses of human activity.

Dilapidated warehouses line the banks, along with spray-painted walls and the occasional mound of rubbish. But the area is full of textures and shapes, oddly alluring to the camera. 

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16 thoughts on “Filthy nature

  1. Well done. I think you are so good at capturing the inherent beauty that all things possess … (we often pass things by without a second thought). I really like these!


  2. I used to live close to the Grand Union canal in Rickmansworth, and now in Northants its still close by. Not much graffiti or rubbish up here sadly but this looks a great source of photographic material. I think this canal passes Kings Cross too?


  3. Great set Mike. I’ll need to take a walk up there sometime. Have you tried the Lee Valley walk from Limehouse? Never been myself but I’ve been told it’s well worth a visit.


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