Space age images

This is a set of abstracts that could have been taken on another planet. They’re alien, strange and hard to fathom, filled with cosmic light and unlikely shapes.

Click first image for the full gallery experience

Gallery entranceBut there’s a more earthly explanation for these images. They were taken inside the Roca Gallery in London, an intriguing space age building designed by the architectural practice of Zaha Hadid, the doyenne of graceful, cutting edge design including the fabulous Aquatic Centre at the Olympic Park.

And here’s the irony – it’s actually a glorified bathroom showroom. Well worth a look even if you have no intention of buying some lovely new taps or porcelain bowl.

18 thoughts on “Space age images

  1. Wow, and wow these are scintillating and I didn’t need to know it was a bathroom showroom but what a place:) I also think you have a very good eye for these type of abstract alien images, Mike.


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