Estuary Essex

WH Osborne

This is about an Essex town that sits at the wide open mouth of the River Thames before it flows into the North Sea.

Leigh-on-Sea is just half-an-hour on the train from London, taking you from the urban might of the City through the desolate yet beautiful countryside lining the river’s estuary.

The older part of Leigh sits astride the waterfront, and is full of charm and wonder. When the tide is out, boats sit helplessly on the silt and there is a hint of heavy industry across the river in Kent, while on this side the cockle sheds prevail.

It’s easy to be absorbed into this landscape as the sun comes and goes, heralding different textures and colours. Lunch was a hearty plate of rock eel and chips, evoking warm childhood memories of my home county by the water.

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13 thoughts on “Estuary Essex

  1. This is a totally unexplored area of the country for me – my education is sadly lacking. Tremendous potential photographically as evidenced by this great gallery of images, Mike. Well done.


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