Refraction I   Refraction II

            Refraction III   Refraction IV

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These four frames of multi-coloured light came about through a moment of almost inconsequential observation, on an ordinary morning.

I was in one of the bedrooms at my mother’s house in Essex, eastern England, and caught sight of a patch of light on the wall. It was like a rainbow had collapsed onto a flat surface. 

It took some time to discover the source of this prism – in another bedroom across the hallway, strong sunlight had caught a silver photograph frame and was throwing its refraction many metres into this mesmerising fallen arc of colour.

I took some shots of this as it changed form and threatened to disappear altogether. Back in London, I simply softened the frames to remove the texture of the wall, which blended the stripes of red, orange, indigo, violet, green and blue.

Just a small moment of colour caught for good…

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