Bouquet of bokeh

The Japanese word bokeh is defined as “the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens”.

It truly comes to life when you play with light. The December nights in London start early and last a long time. In the urban area of Shepherds Bush, the darkness is punctuated by streams of traffic, street lights – and twinkling Christmas decorations.

I prowled the streets with my macro lens, fooled into focusing on nearby surfaces to attain abstraction and capture a stream of bokeh on a winter’s evening.

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38 thoughts on “Bouquet of bokeh

  1. Great set of images, Mike. Love, love bokeh and these are beautiful. I tried some bokeh shots in Marakesh (just name dropping) but all the market stalls were at the one level with very few other lights around, so nothing as stunning as yours. By the way I really enjoy the little slide shows you put up (if that’s what they’re called) yours is one of the few blogs I always look through all the images :)


    • Thanks so much Lee, I’m glad you’re a fan of bokeh too. It’s the first time I’ve devoted an entire session to it. It somehow makes the dank London night look enthralling. Great news you like the galleries – they’re there to be clicked through. Only trouble is they’re not so good on mobile devices.


      • Ha, I don’t do mobile stuff my phone is just for that – a phone. Though I can see the point in having one as a second camera if something dreadful happened while you were O/S to your main camera . . . . . . maybe I should have another think!!!!


          • Neither do I, something to do with the feel or weight of it and of course the lovely click. Can you tell I’m in love with my camera? :)


              • Camera doesn’t answer back? Oh dear, mine does well occasionally :) Got some pink images in Morocco, that was interesting – maybe overuse?


                  • I actually think it was roaring past things I wanted to photograph at 60-100kph in Morocco and the camera not being able to focus properly and me forcing it to take the shot. Got about 6 in all over a few weeks and by the time I took the last one I worked out that is probably what it was. Camera still works really well (thank goodness) and no more since I got home. Still getting sand out of the tripod where it fell off a camel . . but that’s another story :)


                    • I expect your camera was a little bamboozled by all the sights of Morocco, which are too many to mention. Ah, camels. I got surprisingly attached to mine but wasn’t too keen when it legged it down steep dunes!


                    • Down the dunes – isn’t that the worst sensation of all? I’d be comfortably taking shots and then slide, clump we’d be going down an incline and I’d have to grab for the saddle horn. Very inconsiderate not to let me know !!!!!! But you are right so much to see.

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