2014 moments #1

I would like to share my 10 most memorable photographs of the year over the next 10 days with you. These are shots that I am particularly proud of, while each evokes a sense of place and meaning from 2014.

Gallery with a view


This photograph was taken on a visit to London’s Tate Modern art gallery. It is the upper floor cafe, which offers a spectacular view over the city, with the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral dominating the sight. I saw this frame as soon as I exited the lift, and wanted the figures to be in silhouette against the skyline. I like the result. It’s been another year of capturing this great city, and this is a London favourite.

The Photo Shop

13 thoughts on “2014 moments #1

  1. Love this shot. It reminds me right away of some of Andy Hooker’s excellent work at his LensScaper blog, and that is a very good thing.
    Tate Modern did not exist when i lived in London in the late 80s, which is a shame. It would have been a destination for me.


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