2014 moments #6

I would like to share my 10 most memorable photographs of the year over the coming days with you. These are shots that I am particularly proud of, while each evokes a sense of place and meaning from 2014.

Ghost factory


On a tiny island in the Atlantic off Africa, the remains of a pottery factory have been swallowed up by the sand dunes. Only the chimney remains. While the Cape Verdean isle of Boa Vista has bold seas, glorious sunsets and rustic architecture, this ghostly monochrome image is one of my favourites from a memorable trip in 2014.

Gallery entrance

6 thoughts on “2014 moments #6

  1. I did not even attempt the best-of exercise this year – I found it too difficult last time. I am glad you are doing it since I have not visited your blog enough this year and have missed some of your best shots. This one is terrific. The contrast between the palm and chimney is striking.


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