2014 moments #7

A Happy New Year from mikeosbornphoto! I would like to share my 10 most memorable photographs of the past year over the coming days with you. These are shots that I am particularly proud of, while each evokes a sense of place and meaning from 2014.

Refraction IV


This piece of work started out as a simple moment of observation at my mother’s Essex home. A rainbow-coloured refraction reflected onto the wall. It was coming from the sunlight bouncing off the edge of a photo frame in another room. The joy of digital art came into play when I edited it, as the colours were intensified and smoothed out to remove the texture of the wall. And all this from something very simple and almost dismissed.

The Photo Shop

18 thoughts on “2014 moments #7

  1. I, like ehpem missed this the first time around. A great shot and so pleased it made your top 10 so I got to see it. Have a wonderful year of photos in 2015 Mike as I for one am looking forward to what catches your eye this year.


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