2014 moments #10

I’ve enjoyed sharing my 10 favourite photographs of 2014 with you over recent days. These are the shots that stood out to me and had a particularly strong sense of place and meaning. You can find a gallery of the top 10 after this, the final entry.

The centre of Westminster


This is a piece of pure architectural opulence, captured at the Palace of Westminster in London. The nerve centre of British political life, I wondered if the likes of Margaret Thatcher had ever stopped in the Central Lobby and peered upwards at this sumptuous ceiling. I also spend a lot of time taking photographs with my head flung back – it’s worth it every time.

The shots of the year – click first image to launch the gallery

The Photo Shop

7 thoughts on “2014 moments #10

  1. Opulent is the word for today’s number 10 Mike! A great shot.

    All 10 are stunning images and I would be hard pressed to choose a favourite, so I won’t :) An interesting and I’m sure enlightening time looking back on your year of photography and I’m looking forward to what catches your eye in 2015.


    • Thank you as always for taking a look, Lee. Yes, that is a ceiling to end all ceilings! Well the reflection is now at a close – time to look ahead. I made a tentative start today with a houseplant of mine which has unexpectedly produced a beautiful stem of flowers. I’m afraid there won’t be much pollination going on there! More on that soon…

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  3. All very striking Mike and shows the diversity of your photographic skills off so well – if I had a favourite it would be Freers’ bliss because I love emptiness! Best title goes to Content without water – shall always think of this when I see boats on an ebb tide.


    • Thanks so much Laura, this is really appreciated. I think for sense of place I’m with you on Freers’ Bliss which catches a memorable moment. Now it’s time to look ahead and seek out some fresh material for the year ahead!


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