Hello Instagram


Seemingly several decades after everyone else, I have decided to join photo streaming site Instagram. The idea of fast photography and immediate uploads never appealed – until I realised that high quality and considered work is also widely being showcased on the service. I’ve started a stream from scratch using shots that are already banked and can conveniently do this anywhere using my smartphone.

I’d like to connect with any of you who also use Instagram. Click on the image above to visit my new feed and join me – I would very much like to see your collection of Instasquares.

And what do you do on Instagram? Does it make you look at your work in a different light? Or do you think it’s a waste of effort?…

29 thoughts on “Hello Instagram

  1. Just followed you (am madrislena over there). I used to enjoy Instagram a lot until my phone broke! Actually, you can clearly post pics which are not taken with a mobile phone, but it’s my personal “thing” to use it as a day-to-day thing and so I only use my phone. That said, I haven’t enjoyed so much since the phone broke and I am relegated to a small one which takes lousy pictures! I’m more blogger than photographer, but I follow some photographers over there, so I think they consider it a useful marketing tool. Take a look at laurenepbath, an Australian photographer who has an amazing following!


    • Thanks Linda, it’s good to see you over there too! It turns out to be a good way to put out your photographs in a different format, and hopefully tune into a whole new “audience”. Sorry to hear your phone isn’t up to the job any more – some of them rival the mastery of the actual proper camera!


  2. Welcome to Instagram Mike. I’ll set up a follow shortly. I post erratically. Partly because I have to remind myself to capture images with the iPhone (which is still a ‘3’ and partly because persuading the iPhone to sync images with a folder on my iMac is a process that results in a lot of four letter words and total exasperation.


  3. I hope you will still be blogging Mike. Instagram and such are way beyond me and I spend enough time on blogs at present without extra. Enjoy it though.


    • Fear not, Lee, I’ll still be devoting most of my resources to the blog. The Instagram stream is quite separate and is developing its own life. And it’s more of a curated strand of existing work as opposed to new photographs. You’re right, it’s another thing to do but can be done pretty much anywhere and on the go in those spare moments.


  4. Interesting, just started on Instagram a couple of months back. Also a good place to share good quality photos and get noticed, I thought, and to be inspired by lots of great photographers on there as well. Good luck, will be following what you can put in a square ;) (Although many times I just use the black bars)


    • Thank you Ron, and very nice to interact with you over there. It’s reminiscent of Flick which I sady fell out of love with some time ago. I’m quite fond of the squares – it makes you think again about existing shots.


  5. Pretty cool Mike. I guess neither Marks nor I had considered Instagram but you have certainly provided food for thought. Your work does look really good. We just received our new cameras…….maybe tomorrow it will stop raining and we can go out and play :)



    • Hey Joey, good to see you. I’m quite sure your work would be a striking hit over there. If you have it all digitised and to hand then it’s easy to make use of. Very exciting about your new equipment – I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to seeing the results.

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  6. I use Instagram for documenting my daily life and to get inspired by photographers all over the world. Instagram, for me, is a great, artistic way of connecting with people.


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