W5 walk

Walpole Park sign

This is the snapshot of a walk around a London park. Not one of the large showcases like Hyde or Regent’s Park, but a smaller green space in Ealing, a westerly suburb of the capital. 

Walpole Park was once the grounds of a manor house, which still stands and is now a gallery. Its former gardens are elegantly planted with mature avenues of trees.

At its heart is a stately water feature, complete with a fountain that gushes occasionally, leaving darkened ripples in its wake. 

A much more modern addition is a magnetic sculpture which catches coins and seems to fascinate visitors of all ages – including us. On a sharply sunny morning, this was a memorable winter jaunt.

Click first image to view the gallery

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14 thoughts on “W5 walk

  1. Another stately London park – you have them everywhere. Those huge old trees always make me think of England, lovely images Mike.


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