Little magic carpets

This is the story of some simple, everyday objects that have been part of my life for years. They’re not just items for decoration and practical use. Their very fibres are seeped in the memories of travels around eastern Europe. They’re precious things…


Bulgaria 1990

This rich textile was bought on a trip to Bulgaria almost 25 years ago, as the country was emerging bleary-eyed from decades of socialism. A first solo visit to eastern Europe holds vivid memories. My friend Eva was unimpressed. “It smells of communism,” she said. To this day it is used as a tablecloth.


Slovakia 2006

This cloth with its elegant apricot braiding was picked up in Bratislava. This was a hastily organised trip to mark the end of a long relationship, and the charms of the Slovak capital were lost on me. As it happens, this cloth is covering the table at the moment.

ROMANIA – 1991

Romania 1991

Romania has a special place in my soul, and this first visit was memorable and momentous. I remember buying this runner in the port city of Constanta, and it has spent years hanging on the walls of various homes, often guarding the front door. It’s starting to fade, but that eye-opening summer never diminishes.

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22 thoughts on “Little magic carpets

  1. Perfect examples for making eye catching images…

    Really enjoyed the way depth is used here :)

    It’s really been great finding your work mike :)

    So much to learn by observing…

    Thanks again for sharing your gift with us :)


  2. I want to know more about these ‘bits of old cloth’ the stories you attached to the first few whetted my appetite for more Mike :) The macros are lovely showing us enough with that tantalising glimpse. A series to add to Mike.


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