This edible goodness is mouth-watering fare for the photographer too. I took a selection of the more attractive, beguiling vegetables and fruits and made them my models for a sunlit indoor session. Red chicory, Babycorn, Flower Sprouts and three gorgeous varieties of tomatoes were heaped with attention.

But the star of the show is Romanesco, a complex whirl that is a natural work of art. A series of beautiful film shots of this vegetable by Canadian photoblogger Ehpem was the inspiration for this shoot.

We won’t be short of our five-a-day for some time in this household…

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22 thoughts on “Five-a-day

  1. I expected to see one with a big bite out of it :) Just goes to show where you’ll find inspiration. I love the whorls of the Romanesco (never heard of it before but it photographs really well). Again a great series Mike.


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