Dorando Close

Dorando building

The red scarfThis is an apparently unremarkable little road in White City, west London. I cross it every morning on my way to work. 

But I notice it each time I pass.

One side of Dorando Close is filled with the modern, sandy bricks of an office block and its three stories of windows.

The perspective is impressive and catches my eye every day, while a neat line of trees enhance and complement the sense of understated grandeur of the building.

But this is a community, with a bustling little supermarket just around the corner, a school opposite and BBC buildings close by.

It’s a place of people too.

The lady wearing the red hijab walked into shot as she went about her business, adding a daub of colour – and humanity – to the bland yet eye-catching building on this little London street.

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10 thoughts on “Dorando Close

  1. There are plenty of drab an uninspiring streets in London; ones we pass through, walk by and completely ignore. I sense a new project, Mr Osborn! Bringing the ignored parts of the city to life! :D


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