Norwich nostalgia

It took just a two-hour train journey from London to be whisked back years. I lived in Norwich, an ancient and important city in eastern England, from 1992-9. It was both family home and the place where I studied at the University of East Anglia.

This time I was armed with my camera to see its crowning glory, the cathedral. My feet remembered where to go, from the pretty lanes including Elm Hill, and to lunch at an unchanged old haunt, The Waffle House. The banana milkshakes were still deliciously rich, and the same guy still works there.

The UEA’s campus, a bold cluster of concrete set beside a lake, couldn’t be more different from the ancient city centre. It felt nostalgically familiar, but the current students weren’t even born when I was one of them. Sometimes going back can be a bad idea, but this was a happy retread.

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15 thoughts on “Norwich nostalgia

  1. Spent two lovely weeks in the Norfolk vicinity: Norwich, Blakeney, Salthouse, Cley-Next-the-Sea…etc. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you, Mike, for the reminder of my wonderful time….


  2. Going back to such a beautiful place isn’t bad at all. Such a nice cathedral and I love the 70’s-style architecture as well. I suppose the sunny weather was working in advance to this retread too.


    • Hey Koos, thanks so much as always. I must admit the cathedral rocked my photographic world, but the real memories flooded back at the university and overtook the photography a little. And I chose the weather for it indeed!

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  3. A nice set of images, Mike. Unfortunately, Norwich is forever tarnished in my mind – I travelled there a couple of times for work (when I was gainfully employed by the huge insurance company in the city) and all I can remember about it is the ring road… :(


  4. What a wonderful collection of old and modern, love them all Mike. The first two set the stage for the ones that follow, such a contrast there. Love the abstractedness of Pillar’s Shadow.


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