The Photographers’ Gallery

What do you seeTucked just behind the hustle of London’s Oxford Street is The Photographers’ Gallery. It’s a space over a number of floors dedicated to exploring photography as an art form. It has a shop selling refurbished film cameras, which sparked my purchase of a vintage Olympus point and shoot.

I spent time studying Human Rights Human Wrongs, a striking and challenging exhibition of landmark photojournalism from some of the trouble spots of the 20th century. But then I sat back with my camera and considered the order and beauty of the gallery spaces and observing other visitors. It became a case of taking shots of people as they were engaged in the business of looking at other photographs.

If you are in London and you’re looking for a haven of photography, I would make time for a visit to Ramillies Street.

Click first image to view this selection

Gallery entrance

19 thoughts on “The Photographers’ Gallery

  1. Looks like a wonderful space to display photographic exhibitions and I love the coloured walls. I’ve heard it said that photos ‘should’ be displayed on a neutral grey wall but these look fantastic. The creative angles on your shots I love because it makes me want to see more. Great post Mike.


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